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Shorthand is a particularly valuable writing skill in our modern technological world. Making quick personal notes at meetings can lead to more productive meetings. It is equally useful for note-taking in classes or lecture presentation as it enables improved understanding and remembering of what is heard. It is an essential requirement for journalists in the UK.

The skill of shorthand is not difficult to master. Some of the older methods were fairly complex but over the years the major systems have been greatly simplified. New systems have been designed which are easy and quick to learn. Shorthand is very much a skill for the modern age.

The following links will take you to some relevant shorthand websites.

Articles about shorthand


A detailed and particularly useful article by A.Kreitzman on the history and development of shorthand through the ages.


This articles covers the early and general historical development of shorthand and how shorthand systems may be classified. Several English systems are described and illustrations of the Gregg, Pitman, Graham, Musson, Lindsley and Cross systems. Useful details are given on the early English system of Shelton. There is a separate article on Gregg shorthand.


This is a brief paragraph on the history of shorthand mentioning a few of the early systems but not in any great detail.


This is a detailed article about Gregg shorthand including brief descriptions of the various versions of the system. Lists some useful links to other Gregg shorthand related sites.


Mentions ancient Egyptian and Greek shorthand methods. The Pitman and Gregg shorthand systems are explained in detail including the full sign alphabets.


Brief history of shorthand development. Includes tips for increasing shorthand writing speed. Contains advice on starting to learn shorthand and many tips for building writing speed. Excellent advice sections on techniques for taking notes (TLQR, REAP and the Cornell method) and creating your own abbreviations. Includes many useful links to other shorthand websites.


This site covers shorthand products, news, tips and features.

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Shorthand systems



A definitive website on the Pitman shorthand method entitled ‘The Joy of Shorthand’ presented by a true enthusiast. This is an excellent general introduction to the skill of shorthand with the main focus on Pitman. Includes a clear exposition of the Pitman sign alphabet and principles of writing. There are many links to other shorthand sites.


An introduction to Pitman shorthand, with the full sign alphabet illustrated.


A short article on shorthand with emphasis on the Pitman method.



This is a 'must see' site. It is a fun shorthand learning site by Ms. Letha of Rye, Colorado, U.S.A. advocating 'graceful shorthand' and teaching the Gregg Diamond Jubilee version. Well worth a visit. Don't miss it.


An excellent website presented by Marc Semler, an enthusiast for the Gregg shorthand method. He discusses many methods of shorthand and speed writing. Provides helpful advice on how to get started with shorthand with very useful tips on speed-building. The Pitman and Gregg systems are well detailed with mention of the various versions of Gregg shorthand through the years. Includes a passage of text for shorthand practice writing and further links.


“The purpose of this site is to increase awareness of Gregg shorthand and refresh those who learned it and have not used it in several years”. This is a remarkably comprehensive and authoritative site dedicated to the perpetuation of Gregg’s Light-line Phonography. Contains the full text of the 1929 Anniversary edition of the shorthand textbook.


An American guide to alternative handwriting and shorthand systems. Includes examples of Gregg and Pitman shorthand and has links to American systems such as Speedwriting, Easyscript, Quickhand and Briefhand. Links to the Handywrite web site with free tuition in the system (method based on Gregg shorthand).



An introduction to the Teeline shorthand method from Goldsmith’s College, London.


A commercial company teaching Teeline shorthand online.



A French site teaching the Duployan shorthand method.


A Swiss site teaching the Duployan shorthand method.



An exposition of the Speedwriting method of taking notes using the distance learning approach.

Learning resources


Commercial site selling materials for learning shorthand and speed building in Pitman and Teeline. Includes specialist vocabularies for legal and medical shorthand writers. No prices given.


Commercial CD’s for shorthand speed building; 50-70 wpm and 70-90 wpm. Prices listed.

Special Categories



A shorthand training site for journalists.


A statement of the requirements of the National Council for the Training of Journalists regarding a shorthand qualification.



Very helpful advice on techniques for taking notes (TLQR, REAP and the Cornell method) and creating your own abbreviations. Includes many useful links to other shorthand websites.

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