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Who uses shorthand these days?

Surprisingly to some, perhaps, there are many professionals who use shorthand as a practical way of making notes, especially journalists and reporters. Writing notes with pen and paper is usually more convenient than making a tape-recording.

Secretaries and personal assistants may not take as much correspondence dictation as a while ago but shorthand is still essential for recording notes of the daily office action meetings. Indeed, anyone who attends meetings of any kind has a potential need to make personal notes and the skill of shorthand becomes invaluable. In the office the shorthand writer stands out as ambitious and resourceful.

Can anyone learn to write shorthand?

If you can write a letter or postcard, you can write this method of shorthand.

T-Script Shorthand has a small set of simple rules which are quickly understood and applied.

Do I have to learn a new sign alphabet?

Not at all. The Alpha-level uses mainly your own familiar longhand letters with three simplified letters which are introduced to enable faster writing speeds.

At the Professional level, all the consonant letters used are contractions from familiar print or longhand letters all of which are easily recognized and remembered.

Is this system as fast to write as other shorthand systems?

Writers of the Professional level can achieve equivalent or better writing speeds to the older geometric type shorthand systems such as the Pitman and Gregg methods – but with a much shorter learning time and far less effort. T-Script is significantly faster to write than the Teeline method.

How fast can one write at Alpha-script level?

Writers at Alpha-level are not usually concerned to achieve the high writing speeds required by the professionals, but they can more than double their normal writing speed after a very short time.(Most people write around 30-35 words a minute.) The special design features of T-Script make possible faster speeds than with other script (or alphabetic) systems. There is no upper limit as writers may progress to the Professional level at any time without having to learn a new set of rules. The T-Script system is a single, fully integrated method suitable for general or professional use.

Do I have to practise writing repetitive drills?

You can use the T-Script method from the very first lesson. This enables you to write the words that occur in your own vocabulary every day. The more notes you write the more familiar you become with the method without the need for repetitive drill practice.

Can I teach myself or do I need a teacher?

The textbooks are arranged for self-study. The system is based on familiar letters and the abbreviation rules follow common usage. There are also three self-study courses available on CD format. All these options make it simple and easy to master the method without a class teacher. Some students find that attending a class is helpful, not least by meeting other shorthand students and sharing learning experiences.

Should I start at Alpha-level and later move on to Professional?

Your choice of starting level depends primarily on how frequently you expect to write shorthand. If you plan to write shorthand frequently and you know that you want high writing speeds then Professional level will be your obvious choice.

If you want to make occasional notes at meetings or classes you are likely to find the Alpha-level will meet all your needs – and you can always progress to Professional level at any time subsequently.

How long will it take me to learn shorthand?

All students learn at different speeds and individuals write longhand at varying speeds. These factors make it difficult to say how long YOU will take to learn. However, it can be said that the system can be learned by most people in a matter of hours - a fraction of the time that was needed to master the older geometric type shorthand systems. Further proficiency depends on how often you write shorthand; this is similar to learning and practising any other skill, like playing golf or tennis or playing the piano. A short Theory Seminar may be available in your area.

Is it suitable for student use at school or university?

This system is particularly suitable for school students to learn and use for making classroom notes at an early stage. If later on you decide you want to progress to the professional level this can be done with a minimum of time and effort.

The Alpha-Executive approach is particularly suitable for young teenagers and for writing notes at college or university.

Is it suitable for use throughout our company’s offices?

Because it is so easy and quick to learn it is ideal for all staff to use. One short seminar covers the theory and the method can be applied immediately. With regular writing increased speeds can be attained. The primary benefits will be more productive meetings at all levels and improved results from ongoing staff training.

Where can I find a class to learn the T-Script method?

Courses can be held in various locations in the UK. These opportunities will be extended as more teachers become available.

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